How to clean and organize your home for the coming festive season?

clean and organize your home for the coming festive season

How to clean and organize your home for the coming festive season?

Are you preparing for the coming festive season? Well, it can be bothersome to think about anything other than having a good time. But trust us when we say it’s equally important to include cleaning in your busy schedule of baking cookies, wrapping presents, and having fun.

So before the holidays officially start, why don’t you spend some time tidying up every corner of your house? In this article, we will provide you a step-by-step guide to help you accomplish your dream of having a clean and organized house.

Start with the flooring!

Your first and foremost step should be to clean the floors.

Without a squeaky clean floor, it’s impossible to get the neat and clean feeling from your home. And to achieve that feeling, you must follow these two steps: vacuuming and mopping.

Make sure to pay extra attention while cleaning the corners of the rooms and space under the furniture. Also, don’t forget to clean floorboards. If you’ve ceramic, stone, or tile floors, you can even get these waxed to get that sparkly, clean look.

If you’ve some extra time, we recommend you go ahead and vacuum some of your furniture to get rid of every dust particle.

After vacuuming the floors, you can move to the next step. Make sure to mop every corner of the room. You can also add some cleaning detergent in the water to get that extra clean look. Note that you should always choose a detergent designed for your floor type to prevent any harm to the floors.

Wash the dirty glass panes of the windows.

Now, it’s time to transform your old and dirty glass windows into new and sparkling ones.

Dirty windows can ruin even the most beautiful views. So it’s necessary to keep them clean and tidy.

We all know how difficult it is to remove all the collected dust, dirt, and mildew from the window tracks and the glass panes. But you don’t have to worry! All you need is some baking soda and white vinegar to get the dirt off the windows.

Simply sprinkle some baking soda on the glass panes and along the window tracks. Now, mix equal parts vinegar and water, and keep it in a spray bottle. Spray it over the tracks and the window panes, and let it fizz for 5-10 minutes. Now, put on your rubber gloves and scrub the area lightly. Lastly, wipe off the scum with a clean paper towel.

Get done with the rooms.

It’s very essential to pay equal attention to all the rooms in your house. And that’s why you need to make sure that each room is as clean as it can be.

You can start by washing all the fabrics, including the pillowcases, curtains, duvets, bed sheets, etc. Next, you need to clean all the visible surfaces with a disinfectant.

Do not forget to clean your wardrobe as it’s the place that has the most dirt piled up.

Tend to the kitchen.

During the festive season, our kitchen becomes one of the most desired rooms in our house. After all, it’s the place where you’ll be cooking amazing delicacies for your friends and family. And that’s why it’s necessary to give your kitchen a thorough cleanse.

  1. Start by throwing away the old and expired ingredients.
  2. Get rid of the equipment you don’t use anymore.
  3. Clean the kitchen exhaust and vent.
  4. Clean the shelves with a mixture of warm water and disinfectant.
  5. Don’t forget to clean the cabinets.
  6. Take out everything from your fridge. And scrub the fridge using white vinegar and a clean cloth.
  7. Deep clean the kitchen appliances.
  8. Lastly, organize the items for the ease of finding them.

Scrub the bathrooms.

A bathroom is an equally important part of a house. And you don’t want your guests to use an unclean one.

Therefore, start by taking out everything like scrubs, body washes, face washes, shampoos, buckets, etc. And then follow the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Scrub the bathroom shelves with a liquid cleaner.
  2. Use a toilet cleaner on the insides of the toilet.
  3. Clean the faucets, taps, mirrors, etc.

Lastly, scrub the floor using a floor bleaching powder and a disinfectant.

Don’t forget the house exteriors!

Now that you have made the house’s interior look spick and span, it’s time to transform the exteriors.

Do you have enough space to plan out the upcoming holiday decor? If not, then you have to remove some of your all-season decor items.

Be it your stockings, Christmas trees, or holiday-themed figurines- you need plenty of space to showcase these seasonal decorative items. And if you try to replenish your holiday decor with all-season decor, then you’re only making your home look more confined and disorganized.

So before doing anything else, it’s essential to get rid of unnecessary things and say goodbye to all-season decorative items. From your garden decorations to the collected junk and debris- it can be anything. Getting rid of these will make your holiday season decorations stand out!

After removing the unwanted all-season decorations, you will have more space for your holiday decor.

How to clean and organize your home for the holidays?

Do you find home cleaning a big task, especially during holidays?

If so, then it’s natural to feel stressed due to insufficient time during the holiday season. However, to make holiday cleaning successful, start early. Plan your housekeeping chore several days ahead.

In fact, organizing and cleaning your home doesn’t have to be so time-consuming. By succeeding in a few major housekeeping tasks each day,  all that will be left is a bit of last-minute touch-up when the big day arrives.


Now that you’re done with preparing for the festive season, it’s time for you to relax and have fun with everyone. Prepare some delicacies and enjoy the festive season to your fullest.

Also, if you think you need an extra hand in cleaning your house, you can always take our help. Check out our website to learn more about our cleaning services.

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