How often you must hire a professional house cleaner?

How often you must hire a professional house cleaner?

How often you must hire a professional house cleaner?

Not getting enough time to clean your house on daily basis? DIY House cleaning becomes an impossible mission when you are working, and have kids and pets to look after. Don’t overload yourself! You’ll end up in frustration. 

But it’s important to maintain cleanliness and hygiene at the same time. Your surroundings represent your lifestyle. Many surveys have revealed that living in a tidy, clutter-free home changes your negative thinking and brings positivity to you.

Doesn’t matter how costly and professional cleaning products are you using? DIY house cleaning can’t bring effective and satisfactory results. Even if you are cleaning your house consistently, you can’t see the dirt hiding behind the curtains, giant dust bunnies in your sofas, and the stubborn grim in your bathroom. 

These are some of the many reasons why you should seek professional house cleaning?

Professional help comes with lots of perks like you get enough free time to spend with your family, you can go to salons to pamper yourself and get some me-time.

So, now you know the reasons to hire house cleaners. Another important thing is to know how often you must hire a professional house cleaner? 

  1. On Daily basis
  2. Weekly basis 
  3. Monthly basis
  4. Yearly Basis

As per our house cleaning experts, The answer to your question depends on your budget and lifestyle.

House-Cleaning on a Daily Basis

Most people are working and find it hard sometimes to clean their house on daily basis. As it takes a lot of energy and time to remove the dust and other household chores. But if some measures are taken we can also maintain cleanliness like

  1. wiping the kitchen platform
  2. Washing the dishes immediately
  3. dusting the furniture
  4. removing the shoes outside
  5. making the bed immediately when we wake up.

These are some small habits that prevent dirt to enter your house and grime from building up on the surfaces.

But if budget is not an issue and you don’t have that much time, then you can hire a house cleaner or maid to maintain your house cleanliness. Your sweet home will look more organized and tidy. House cleaners can be booked for one-time appointments also.

House Cleaning every other week

Weekly cleaning also depends on the number of family members in the house. If there are no kids and only adults are living in the house, it’s easy to maintain the house. You can hire a house cleaner after two weeks as per your requirement. Weekly cleaning activities include:

  1. Washing and changing your bedsheets
  2. Vacuuming and Sweeping your floors
  3. dusting around your house
  4. Sanitizing your mats, rags, and sponges
  5. Refrigerator Cleaning

If you have several kids and pets in the house, weekly cleaning becomes essential to keep your home hygiene, tidy and healthy. Large families have messy and cluttered houses.  The different work schedules don’t allow family members to actively work together. It becomes very difficult to assign tasks to each family member. Though it’s a great idea that can help!

Want to get the desired and satisfactory results? you must seek house-cleaners to deeply clean and sanitize your house. Let house cleaner do their job and make your house a germ-free place. 

Monthly Cleaning

The people who love their houses and prefer a healthy environment generally have a habit of deep cleaning their house every month. These activities are hard to be done for DIY cleaning. As it will take a lot of time, and energy and still you won’t get the desired results. The monthly activities include:

  1. Dusting furniture
  2. cleaning lighting fixtures
  3. Dusting window blinds
  4. Cleaning washrooms
  5. sanitizing your washing machine
  6. Cleaning Dishwasher 
  7. Cleaning Fans and Ceilings
  8. Cleaning vacuum cleaners, and vacuuming vents

It’s best to seek help outside. Professional house cleaners can do the same job quickly and effectively. 

Monthly Cleaning (Three to Six Months)

Many household chores don’t require much of our attention and can be cleaned once every 3 to 6 months. These cleaning activities include specific areas that we don’t use more often and take some time to get dirty. These tasks may include:

  1. Cleaning unapproachable areas. (behind/under your carpet or furniture)
  2. Clean kitchen range hood 
  3. Freshening the garbage disposal 
  4. sanitizing the drains
  5. Vacuuming the mattresses
  6. Washing pillows
  7. Cleaning curtains and drapes 

You can discuss your cleaning requirements with professional house cleaners. Hire them to get the best results!

Yearly Cleaning

There are certain areas or parts of the house that needs to be cleaned only for once a year. Rest it all depend on our personal choices. Some people prefer to get these tasks done more frequently while others opt for once-only tasks. Take a look at the tasks that require cleaning only once a year.

  • Carpet cleaning
  1. Windows deep cleaning 
  2. dryers and vent Cleaning
  3. Polish the aluminum stove
  4. Clearing the gutters

Every house needs to be scrubbed and cleaned thoroughly once a year from tip to toe. You can make a To-do List and get your house cleaned. So, hiring and paying a house cleaner will get your house a new makeover. It’s worth it! 

How to Maintain hygiene in your House?

Home hygiene is important to keep your house germ free and to stay from illness.  Only cleaning on the upper surfaces doesn’t ensure hygiene. There are hidden dust particles, dirt, and sticky grime beneath the carpet surface, behind your wardrobes, refrigerators, and your curtains.

Keep in mind Germs live with us. You can find them easily in many areas of a house:

  1. Bathrooms
  2. Kitchens 
  3. bedrooms

Poper sterilization is required to keep your home healthy and viruses at bay.

Frequently and randomly touched household surfaces need to be disinfected by EPA-approved cleaning products. Let’s know the germ hotspots that must be cleaned regularly!

  1. Carpets
  2. Upholstery
  3. Mattresses
  4. toilet bowls
  5. Sinks & faucets and 
  6. Doorknobs.

Only a few people make the effort to clean and sanitize these specific areas which play a crucial role to maintain hygiene in the house. During this pandemic Covid-19. it becomes mandatory and the responsibility of homeowners to take some trouble to stay happy and healthy. 

Are you Deep Cleaning your House?

Deep cleaning of a house can be tiring and time-consuming at the same time. But it’s essential at the same time. Don’t drain your energy. Rather allow professional home cleaners to make your house a perfect and spotless place. They will not just clean your house but leave your house smelling fresh, sparkling, and shining. It’s worth every single penny.

Let us tell you how often you need to clean the specific areas in your house?

The bathroom: Most of the germs live there. It’s important to deep clean your bathrooms after every other week. It will prevent stubborn grime to build upon the walls. You must clean faucets, sinks, and toilets on the daily basis to make them look clean and usable again. If you have bathtubs, deep clean them every week. Showers can be cleaned after six months.

The kitchen: We use many electronic appliances to cook food on the daily basis. You can DIY clean toasters and sandwich makers. But to clean ovens and microwaves, dishwashers, and BBQs. DIY cleaning won’t give you satisfactory results. So it’s best to seek an expert’s help. Let them clean the sticky and gluey dirty grime. You must get them cleaned after every three to six months.

The bedroom: We can add our effort to make a bedroom look clean and organized. First and foremost, we can make our bed soon as we wake up. Rest you must wash and clean your duvet covers, bed sheets, and pillow covers every week. Pillows can be cleaned after 2 to 3 months. Rest you can vacuum your mattresses after every month. Duvets and blankets should be dry cleaned every year.

Living areas: The most usable area o. Everybody uses this area from kids, pets, and adults to guests. So it’s important to clean the upper surfaces on the daily basis to make them look tidy and clean. Drapes and carpets, windows, and sofas can be cleaned every 6 months or once a year depending on the usability. 

What is your budget for professional house cleaning?

Seeking professional help for house cleaning? Generally, house cleaning services are affordable and you can avail them under your budget. Feel free to ask any of your doubts and queries with the cleaning company. 

Tell them your service requirements and you can also ask for some discounts. Rest the cleaning expense will cost depending on the :

  1. Size of your house
  2. Location 
  3. Condition of the house
  4. Number of services

You can opt for a one-time cleaning, weekly cleanings, or monthly or yearly services. House cleaning Melbourne team will get you a quote with no obligation. We don’t charge any booking fees. It’s free and you can request to cancel the booking any time or reschedule us!

Any time you feel unsatisfied with our services. We’ll happily do it again for you. Your happiness is our priority!

Are you a Socialite?

Do you love to entertain family and friends at dinners, birthday parties, and occasions at home?  A clean and tidy house will get you lots of compliments. That will further boost your confidence and self-esteem.

Maintaining house cleanliness is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Don’t worry! If you can’t. Hiring a house cleaner is the best solution. They will not only organize your house but will also deep clean and disinfect your place 

Ready to make an impact! Schedule an appointment and tell them when you want the cleaning crew to arrive? Many cleaning companies offer instant appointments.

Tips for hiring a house cleaner

Not every cleaning company is the same. So it’s better and safe to pre-enquire a little before you let them enter your house. Do not pick and hire any random cleaning agency. Try to have a healthy conversion before you trust them!

  1. Make sure you only hire an Insured company.
  2. Check for their license on the site
  3. Check if the employee is thoroughly vetted
  4. Discuss your budget and cleaning requirements
  5. Ask to send the ID of the allotted house cleaner on your phone.
  6. Opt for eco-friendly products.
  7. Read the ratings and reviews
  8. Ask if you have to provide the cleaning products?
  9. Try to Contact customer support
  10. Ask them about the cleaning products they use? 

Get Suitable Cleaning schedules at House Cleaning Melbourne!

Struggling to pin down the ideal time for house cleaning? Not able to decide what time you must schedule us? Well, we will help you find a suitable time frame. Most often it’s Saturdays or Sundays when people book us. Rest, talk to us! We’ll find the best possible solution.

Who we are?

We are House cleaning Melbourne, the leading house cleaning service provider in Melbourne and other local areas for over a decade. House cleaning Melbourne is the perfect destination if you are looking for any type of cleaning service. Cleaning is our job and we love to do that. 

What’s our aim?

We aim to satisfy our customers with our affordable, inexpensive, and exclusive cleaning services. We’ll not only clean your house but also sanitize and disinfect it to make it a germ-free place. Our cleaning crew is insured and vetted thoroughly on daily basis.

Need our help! Don’t waste your precious time and energy on cleaning. We know the qualified and experienced cleaning experts  that will make your house look clean and fresh

Call house cleaning Melbourne today at +61 435 991 812 to get a free quote and instant service rates for professional cleaning services.

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