Reviews Of Best 5 House Cleaning Companies In Melbourne & Newzealand

Reviews Of Best 5 House Cleaning Companies In Melbourne & Newzealand

Reviews Of Best 5 House Cleaning Companies In Melbourne & Newzealand

A home is a place where we stay and recharge ourselves from our hectic life. It is one of the best locations, which makes you feel relaxed and safe.  However, how will you feel when you go back to your house and find things scattered and untidy? Wouldn’t you feel frustrated cleaning everything because you are tired? No need to worry! There is always a solution to every problem. And the answer to all your questions is hiring cleaning services from the company. You heard it right! The easiest and best way to clean your house without wasting your time is to hire professionals. 

Now you must be thinking since you got the answer, why should you read the whole article? Well, now you know about the cleaning services offered by the companies. The next step is to choose the right company. Many companies in New Zealand and Melbourne offer various cleaning services. Some of them make false promises, to lure customers, or ask for a high amount compared to others. Therefore, this article will save you from the hectic process of selecting one cleaning company from hundreds. With thorough research, the top five cleaning services are:



Services they offer :

  1. BBQ cleaning
  2. Lawn mowing
  3. End of lease cleaning
  4. Carpet cleaning
  5. Oven cleaning
  6. House cleaning

Do you need help with cleaning your lawn? Or maybe you want to tidy up your apartment? A clean house means a healthy and positive environment. It’s important to maintain cleanliness in your surrounding for your physical and mental well-being. 

Whatever your reason is, this is the right time to seek the help of professional cleaners. And that’s where Hiretradies come into play.

Currently, Hiretradies is one of the most renowned cleaning companies in New Zealand. They provide all kinds of services, be it packing or cleaning. 

With years of experience, they have garnered huge success in this field.

Their modern and unique approach helps them complete their tasks with utmost perfection in no time.

But how to know whether they are the right option or not? Well, you can take a look at their list of services and accomplishments. Not only that, their workers are examined thoroughly. They are qualified and verified by the police. To get the benefit of their services, all you need to do is fill in your details on their site and receive instant quotes.

They provide services to both commercial and residential clients. Their workers are not just skilled and knowledgeable, but also reliable, which is an important trait for a cleaner.

Many customers have also posted their reviews on the Hiretradies website. They have talked about the great experience they’ve had while working with them. 

And lastly, Hiretradies provide services throughout New Zealand for builders, renters, small business owners, and of course homeowners. With them, you don’t need to worry about single damage or loss. And in case you’re not satisfied with their work, they’ll do it again without any extra cost.


  1. They provide a comprehensive range of tradesmen services that include bricklayers, plumbers, welders, renderers, carpenters, electricians, etc.
  2. They use organic and gentle cleansers for barbeque cleaning.
  3. Their tradies get your work done in no time.
  4. Hiretradies offer budget-friendly services with secure payment options.
  5. Their cleaning services include floor and kitchen cleaning, fittings, fixtures, washroom cleaning, and almost everything.

Home essential


Services they offer :

  1. Garbage removal
  2. Commercial cleaning
  3. Air conditioner cleaning
  4. Blinds cleaning
  5. Garden equipment and Gardening
  6. Lawn mowing
  7. Home cleaning
  8. Roofing and Roof repairs
  9. Pool maintenance

Are you in need of a reliable tradesperson to do the job for you? If yes, then worry not. Home essential is right at your service. They will help you choose the right tradie for your needs.

Whether your project is big or small, their huge network of skillful tradies will get your job done in no time. They have over 12 years of expertise in this field. With a professional attitude, they handle your belongings with utmost care. They guarantee zero damage to your property. 

Furthermore, their tradies are all qualified and certified with clean records to give you the assurance of safety. 

Their customers always have something good to talk about, be it the responsive team or the friendly tradies. If you want, then you can check their customer reviews on the Home essential website. You will be amazed by the number of happy clients they have.

So if you are looking for someone to clean your blinds or maybe fix your rooftop, then don’t hesitate and give them a call.

Home essential will guide you through the procedure of requesting a tradie. They will allow you to choose the right tradie according to your needs. They will also verify your work and ensure that it gets started and finished sooner. All you need to do is tell them your needs and they will provide you with three different quotes to choose from.


  1. They have certified and professional tradies
  2. They have been providing their services for over 12 years
  3. The response team is quick and friendly
  4. They offer a variety of services.
  5. Their services are available throughout Australia.

Sparkle and Shine


Services they offer-

  1. House Keeping
  2. Deep Cleaning
  3. Builders clean
  4. End of lease cleaning

Are you looking for a home cleaning service that’ll not only satisfy you but will also be easy on your pocket? If yes, then put your searches to a halt. Sparkle and Shine is here to save your day.

They provide the best home cleaning services in Melbourne. With advanced facilities, they are not just your typical home cleaning company. They provide online booking, fast customer services, and safe cleaning options. They use only premium quality cleaning supplies to do their job. 

Sparkle and Shine have set high standards for their cleaners so that they meet your expectations. Their company’s motto is to satisfy every customer’s need. They want to impress their clients with amazing customer services, eco-friendly cleaning products, no contractual commitments, and 100% satisfaction. Moreover, all their cleaners are fully verified by police to assure your house and possessions are in the right hands. 

Sparkle and Shine cleaners are always reviewed and rated by their customers. 

You can also check out their customer reviews on the main site. But don’t be too surprised to find only positive comments! 

If you’re not happy with their services, you can contact them within 24 hours. They will come back and fix your problem. And if you’re still not satisfied, they will refund you fully.

Trust Sparkle and Shine to be your everlasting partner for all your cleaning requirements.


  1. They provide fully insured cleaning services.
  2. They offer fast customer service. Their services are available 24 hours so that you can get a response almost anytime.
  3. They guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.
  4. Sparkle and Shine offer safe and secure online payment options.
  5. They use natural and eco-friendly cleaning products. They bring their cleaning equipment with them.
  6. Their cleaners are verified by police.

Home Cleaning Melbourne


Services they offer

  1. BBQ cleaning
  2. Duct cleaning 
  3. End of lease cleaning
  4. Tile and grout cleaning
  5. Ironing services
  6. Carpet cleaning
  7. Oven cleaning
  8. Spring cleaning

Would you rather spend time cleaning your bathroom tiles or meeting an old friend over coffee? Or let’s just say- Would you rather be vacuuming your floor or enjoying some me-time?

Life is too short to waste around cleaning every nook and corner of your house. Maintaining a clean environment is important. However, it’s equally important to spend some quality time with you and your loved ones. And that’s where cleaning companies like Home cleaning Melbourne do their magic.

For effective and spotless cleaning, you need professionals with premium quality equipment. And this company has such skillful cleaners.

With more than 8 years of experience, they offer regular and professional services to houses and offices in Melbourne. They are a one-stop shop for everything related to house and office cleaning. 

They believe in customer satisfaction and security. Their main aim is to fulfill the requirements of their customers. Therefore, they try their best to ensure that their customer’s houses and belongings are in safe hands. Their employees are verified by police and security. And they also provide insurance for any kind of damage during the cleaning process.

The company provides quality services in a variety of areas. These range from residential and commercial cleaning to spring cleaning and window washing.

But the question is- what makes them a better option? Well, their services depend on certain factors. And these factors make them a much more reliable option. These include servicing according to your needs, affordable prices, a workable schedule, and guaranteed satisfaction.

The company has an active Facebook page. So if you need any help, you can contact them through Facebook. Their customers have mentioned the staff is kind and friendly. They have also written about their services being quick and hassle-free. If you want to know more, then you can check these reviews.


  1. They have experienced and skillful cleaners
  2. Their workers are certified with clean records.
  3. They provide insurance against damages and public liability.
  4. The cleaners are fluent in English to promote easy conversations.
  5. They are fully trained and interviewed.

Maid to Clean


Services they offer

  1. One-off cleaning services
  2. Regular cleaning services
  3. Additional cleaning services
  4. Anti-viral and disinfectant services
  5. End-of-lease cleaning services
  6. Office cleaning services
  7. Steam/Carpet cleaning services

Are you looking for a cleaning service that provides easy online payment options? If yes, then Maid to clean is the one for you. They are the first cleaning company in Melbourne to have a fully online booking platform. All you need to do is visit their website and jump on the pricing page. Choose a service that suits your need and then click on the “book now” button. Rest will be taken care of by their staff.

They have the most professional cleaning teams with well-equipped and trained cleaners. They make sure to complete their task within the given time frame. Moreover, their cleaners are trustworthy and police verified.

They offer a comprehensive range of services that include spring cleaning, bathroom and kitchen cleaning, laundry services, blinds and walls cleaning, and many more. Their services are sustainable and environment-friendly. They use green eco-friendly cleaning supplies to ensure the safety of both you and your family. 

With a flexible and transparent pricing model, they have become one of the most reliable home cleaning companies in Melbourne. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to meet the expectations of their clients. You can tell that they’re not making false claims because their customers have only good things to say about them.

If you are not happy with their cleaning services, then you get in touch with them. And they will send a team to fix your problem. And if you’re still not happy enough to recommend their services to friends and family, then they will provide you with a full refund.

With Maid to clean services, you get premium quality cleaning at an affordable price. So don’t waste your time with companies that charge you more but still don’t provide quality services.


  1. They provide a variety of cleaning services.
  2. They use 100% green cleaning products.
  3. Their services are fully insured to compensate you for any kind of damage.
  4. Their cleaners are police checked
  5. They provide safe and secure online payment methods.


These are the five best and most renowned cleaning companies. They manage to gain the trust of millions with their dedication and hard work to satisfy the customers. Now, all you will have to do is pick one out of these five that suits your budget and time.

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